$25K Guaranteed Deep Stack Fall Classic

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$25K Guaranteed Fall Classic

Win big this Fall at our $25K Guaranteed Fall Classic Tournament Series!

Our 3 day tournament will be the best way to kick off your weekend.

The tournament series will take place on October 13 - 15.

$3,000 Guaranteed
Friday, October 13 at 12pm
$60 Buy-in
One $30 Rebuy

$7,000 Guaranteed
Saturday, October 14 at 12pm
$90 Buy-in
One $40 Rebuy

$15,000 Guaranteed
Sunday, October 15 at 10am
$150 Buy-in
One $60 Rebuy

GEGA-00371. Must be 21. Problem Gambling? 1-800 Gambler. Golden West Casino has the right to change, modify, or cancel at any time.


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