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$10K Play, Watch & Win!

Play your favorite live Poker Games and enter into to win your share of over $10K starting September 7th!

Play during one of our Featured Pro Football Games to win your share!

Cash Pots at kick-off, half-time, end-of-game, touchdowns, interception touchdowns, kick-off returns, and each safety!

Plus...Enjoy food and beverage specials during the games

Game Times:
Sept. 7th - Kansas City Chiefs v. New England Patriots - 5:30pm
Sept. 10th - Indianapolis Colts v. Los Angeles Raiders - 1:00pm
Sept. 10th - New York Jets v. Dallas Cowboys - 5:30pm
Sept. 11th - New Orleans Saints v. Minnesota Vikings - 4:00pm
Sept. 11th - Los Angeles Chargers v. Denver Broncos - 7:20pm
Sept. 14th - Houston Texans v. Cincinnati Bengals - 5:30pm
Sept. 17th - New York Jets v. Oakland Raiders - 1:00pm
Sept. 17th - Green Bay Packers v. Atlanta Falcons - 5:30pm
Sept. 18th - Detroit Lions v. New York Giants - 5:30pm
Sept. 21st - Los Angeles Rams v. San Francisco 49ers - 5:30pm
Sept. 24th - Kansas City Chiefs v. Los Angeles Chargers - 1:30pm
Sept. 24th - Oakland Raiders v. Washington Redskins - 5:30pm
Sept. 25th - Dallas Cowboys v. Arizona Cardinals - 5:30pm
Sept. 28th - Chicago Bears v. Green Bay Packers - 5:30pm

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